In 20xx, in the Republic of ? Macedonia, during an after party spiritual séance where we tried to summon the ghost of Alexander the Great, we accidentally kidnapped our Prime Minister. This is the film about that kidnapping.

In reality, he, very deliberately, kidnapped our future.

“Hey!” was shot in 2008 with absolutely no budget and support from the Film Fund. The film was based on our successful play “Marat/Sade” which, despite the audience’s ovations, was removed from the theater’s repertory. As a response to this political censorship, instead of falling into apathy, a large part of the play’s cast & crew, or about 50 “conspirators” to be more precise, created the informal “Hey! Collective!” and decided to make a feature film. The film was shot in six weeks, working sometimes for more than 16 hours per day.
After 10 years, the premiere of “Hey!” bizarrely coincides with the true thriller escape of the Prime Minister from the state.

  • KirilKorunovski
  • NikolinaKujaca
  • OliverMitkovski
  • JordanSimonov
  • IgorAngelov
  • SaskoKocev
  • DraganaKostadinovska
  • JelenaJovanova
  • GorastCvetkovski
  • AleksandarMikic
  • SofiaNasevska
  • IgorGapo
  • SlavisaKajevski
  • JelenaMijatovic
  • SonjaStamboldzioska
  • AnaKalachovska
  • AnaDanchevska
DIABOLIK in co-production with kino oko presents hey! casting
nela vitosevic cinematographerDusan Kardalevskimsc animator, vfx
digital effects
Denko Matevski sound
Darko Spasovski costume
Burim Musliu production designerIlina Angelovska Original
Ognen Atanasovski Darko Spasovski co-writers Oliver Mitkovski Nikolina Kujaca co-producerRobert Naskov producersGoran Acevski Vasil Hristov writer
and director
Vasil Hristov